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Started as a workaholic in the hospitality world in Ghent, here I found my true calling, which is mixing flavour with diversity.

Moved to London where I worked in several star restaurants and discovered there is more in a chefs life then food but also that drinks are equally important, so I helped out my friends with their mobile coffee cart and had a few shifts behind the bar.

Always wanted to work in Copenhagen so when my time ended in London I moved here to start a totally different journey, cocktails and coffee. Began in my comfort zone and worked as a chef but meanwhile had a part time job as bartender where I grew my passion by creating a cocktail application on the Applestore. 

Helped out some start-up businesses with their food menu so they would help me out understanding how cocktail should and could be. Meanwhile I talked a lot about coffee with world-class baristas and hosted an event by creating coffee cocktails in my own style.


Since then I knew I wanted to do things differently and on my own terms. 

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