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What molds can you do?

Anything from shapes to logos.

How long does this take to make?

I always start with a 3D design to imagine the shape you want to make, from there it gets 3D printed and filled with silicon. So this can take from 2 weeks to 2 months, depends on the complexity of the shape.

What is the price?

This varies to how long and how complex your shape is. I ask a price for the design first, which can be from 120-300 euro for only one time.

And then a price for your silicon molds itself

(10-70 euro).

Is this foodsafe?

Yes and also heatproof. It can go till 200°c. So you can deep-fry or bake in it too.

How do you start with a website?

First we talk online or in person about how you want it to look like. 
I can take all the pictures and start on the design we have talked about.

Once everything looks the way you would like to, I teach you how to manage and change everything yourself so there is no misunderstanding or waiting for someone else to change it for you.


Thanks for submitting!

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